4.5 Orchestras

With the increasing popularity of television, the importance of the chapels in the Welsh mining villages slowly decreased. But an educational revival movement raised the stan­dard of the teaching of music in schools considerably. This also proved to be of great im­petus for instrumental and orchestra music in amateur as well as in professional circles..

The National Youth Orchestra of Wales above all has made a name for itself. It was founded soon after the 2nd World War in 1946 as the first youth orchestra in the world, 2 years before that of Great Britain. Many young people have chosen to play with this orchestra, although they had been nomi­nated for the Great Britain Orchestra. A lot of composers, too, have held it in high esteem (e.g. Grace Williams, Alun Hoddinot etc.). Unfor­tunately, the orchestra has faced a funding crisis since its chief sponsor, B.P., withdrew its help.[1]

No less renowned is the National Orchestra of Wales for which many new musical works have been commissioned.

[1] Leader on the world stage, Daily Mail, 15-07-1995

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