4.8 Folk Singing [1]

For years Wales lagged behind the other Celtic countries in the field of folk but mean­while the situation has improved.

Dafydd Iwan (known as "The Voice of Cymru") is probably the best-known modern folk singer in Wales. He is so proud of Wales that he not only uses the Welsh language (the "Language of Heaven") but also sings about the main problem that has always con­cerned the Welsh: the problem of fighting for freedom and independence from England.[2]

The group "Mabsant" has collected the best-loved Welsh folk songs for their perform­ances.[3]

Other popular folk singers or groups are: Leah Owen[4] – well-known as penillion singer -, "Aberjaber", "Ar Log", "Plethyn", "Mynediad am Ddim", Meic Stevens, "Cil­meri", "Cromlech", "Yr Hwntws" and "Pererin".

[1] cf. recordings on the enclosed CD
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cf. http://ww.celticpandc.com/welsh.music.books.html 
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