To begin with, I want to explain why exactly I chose this topic for my dissertation.
In the first place I myself am half Welsh, as my mother comes from Milford Haven. So I have always been very interested in the Welsh way of life and culture. During all the time I have spent in Wales when on holiday there I have had the experience that music is of enormous importance to the Welsh people. The Welsh are famous for their great love of singing and many of their hymns and folk songs are well known far beyond the country's borders. This musical tradition has always been present in my mother's family:

My great-grandfather (the father of my Welsh grandmother), whose job was in coal-mining, was a very talented singer who sang in many operettas, particularly in works by Gilbert and Sullivan, which were very popular at that time and still are in Britain.

My other great grandfather, Thomas James Morgan, also a coal-miner, was a choir conductor who won medals [1] at some eisteddfods with the Mardy Choir and performed oratorios such as Handel's "Messiah".
He had four sons. The first, my great-uncle David, was a gifted organist, pianist and also choir leader. His wife was an alto-soloist. The second, Wynford, played the violin in an orchestra.

The third, Aneurin, sang for years in the famous Mynydd Mawr male voice choir in which his son Reinallt still sings. The fourth son, Alun Caradog, my grandfather, wrote English texts for Welsh hymn tunes.[2]

My mother also inherited the Welsh love for song and is at present member in two choirs. My youngest relative who keeps the tradition of music alive is my cousin Paul who has passed many trumpet exams with the Royal School of Music and plays in various en­sembles including the town band of Milford Haven.

From an early age most Welsh people, more particularly Welsh-speaking people, are brought up to take part in concerts and competitions in churches, schools etc. as soloists and members of choirs or instrumental groups and so they carry out a wide range of musi­cal activities


[1] cf. copy of medal in file of documents  
cf. file of documents

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