List of Enclosed Video Films

The International Eisteddfod of Wales ('National Eisteddfod of Wales' promotional video) - 7 minutes

Scenes from The International Eisteddfod of Wales- Musical contests - (H.T.V. report 'A visit to the Eisteddfod 98', August 8, 1998) 7 minutes

Practice with the Cardiff Male Voice Choir (excerpts of the video 'Wales',
Niedernhausen, Bassermann) 4 minutes

Folk Dances at the National Eisteddfod (from 'Homeland Wales', vol. 1, Homeland Wales, Cowbridge, 1990 1 minute

'Bryn Terfel Musik im Herzen' (documentation by Nigel Wattis 1996/97; recorded from Bayern 3, 06-01-2000) 40 minutes  

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