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by Friedel Keim, author of "Das große Buch der Trompete"

Just when I returned from the 1999-trumpet festival of Bad- Säckingen, I learned of the exhibition commemorating Adolf Scherbaum. This provides me with the opportunity to extend greetings to all the trumpet players and fans of this marvelous instrument, and to emphasize that the perfection that is being demonstrated today all goes back to Adolf Scherbaum. Recent concerts at Bad-Säckingen, given by world stars and presented with unbelievable precision and extreme accuracy right up into the top registers of the instrument, would not have been possible without the pioneer-work of gifted musicians and pedagogues like Adolph Scherbaum.

What this charming artist, who has been so heavily hit by fate, really accomplished, can be appreciated only when comparing some of his recordings, such as the 'Masterful Trumpet Concertos' (I happen to be the lucky owner of these four LPs) with current editions which benefit from the refinement of modern electronic recording equipment.

Adolf Scherbaum is the trumpeter who, following the glorious Baroque period (1600 to 1750) and following the turn of the century with its cornet-virtuosi ( which is covered in my 'Manual'), paved the way for the rediscovery of trumpet as a classical instrument for solo-parts. And he did this long before Maurice André, Edward H. Tarr, or Ludwig Güttler excelled in this art.

The exhibition at Sulzbach-Rosenberg should not only help to further enhance the communication among trumpet players, but should foremost serve to keep alive the memory of the winner of the culture prize of this city and world-famous trumpet player Adolf Scherbaum.

I am grateful to Mr. Rolf Ziegler, Böblingen, for his translation into English.