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Graham Ashton schrieb mir am 27.09.2008:

Graham Ashton
Kempner Distinguished Professor
Purchase College
State University of New York
Director: The Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble

Dear Mr.Bayer,

One of my students directed me to your site honoring Adolph Scherbaum. I wanted to let you know Mr.Scherbaum was my inspiration for taking up the trumpet, having been given his DG recording of Torelli, Graupner, Fasch Vivaldi etc. at Christmas in 1970. I played the LP so often I am surprised it didn't wear out - in fact I still have it in my studio at Purchase College in New York.

I was so pleased to read Philip Jones' letter of 26th February 1999 as I was a member of Philip's group at the time, and at the very party he mentions after the concert in Nürnberg. It was such an honor to finally meet, Mr. Scherbaum that evening; he was full of energy and enthusiasm, and very much the jovial character portraid in photograhs of the time. A very memorable evening indeed.

Your site is of great historical interest to all trumpeters. Bravo!

Kind regards
Graham Ashton

......perhaps also of interest from 1962:,9171,940024,00.html