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A stupendous trumpeter in the sold-out university concert hall - Worship of the beautiful sound - World star exerts as much fascination as ever and is the motor that drives today’s baroque-fad. With an absolutely flawless onset and inexhaustible breathing technique, floating ease, elegant phrasing, similarly brilliant intonation, and silvery sparkling sound, he demonstrated his artistic might. The euphoric applause grew to truly baroque proportions.

Fascinating baroque concerto: Scherbaum, Germany’s trumpet player star number 1, lives in an inimitable symbiosis with his instrument, he has the most intensive natural instinct for this instrument, without which it wouldn’t be alive and would remain a technically dead device....Effortless tone shaping, stupendous sound coloration.

His effortless play on the baroque trumpet is probably unsurpassed. The various passages and tremolos appear as agile as if they were played on the most versatile of instruments, the flute. This is compounded by an expression scale that ranges from the most tender piano (even in the top tone ranges!) to a brilliant forte... We talk about the smallest ensemble that tours the concert halls in the matters of baroque music, but it’s an ensemble recruited from excellent classical musicians... Scherbaum is an unmatched trumpet player who excels with the glaringly high D of the fourth octave, and with stupendous transformations in the registers, as well as unbelievably smooth and caressing sounds which he coaxes from his trumpet. He makes accords not only sound glorious, but he can also play runs on the scale with an ease that was deemed possible only on a grand piano.

Adolf Scherbaum and his ensemble thrilled the audience in the Robert-Schumann hall...Soloist and ensemble were admirable...Scherbaum's performance was simply brilliant, no matter what tone level or force he played at or what intonation was called for. He rendered the solo part with precisely cut sounds and clearly shaped cantilenas.

Extra-ordinary acceptance by the audience: Scherbaum molds the trumpet sound in a way that introduces tender smoothness and resilience, adds nobility and an air of nonchalance to it. And there is no 'screeching', no flipping-over of any tone, no unevenness, the melodies simply flow as if strung up on a chain of pearls, having the same radiance, the same flawless quality. His ensemble surrounds him like planets circling the sun.

Scherbaum, the king among the trumpet players of today, cannot be copied as far as the extremely fine shades in the fast passages of his brilliant play are concerned. His phenomenal musical talent, his tremendous, almost uncanny lip control and breathing technique are responsible for the absolute precision with which he finds the high tones.

Splendid trumpet playing artistry - Scherbaum is an excellent soloist! His sound was glorious, his technique was flabbergasting, his style was congenial to the compositions. He mastered intricate passages with ease and developed a splendidly pearling play. Scherbaum will never fail to intrigue his many fans of the art of trumpet playing when he renders the triple-octave D in his triumphantly jubilant manner, clean and flawlessly.

Exceptional event in Vienna's concerto season! Scherbaum treats his instrument with the utmost virtuosity and brilliance without ever neglecting the ensemble-effect of his play, not even for one moment. In fact, he never put himself in the foreground, quite on the contrary, even the most difficult and highest parts are rendered with tender plasticity in his mezzo-forte style... His small, but excellent ensemble presented a marvelous program with rare titbits.....

Famous soloist trumpeter - Experts deem him to be the world’s best Bach interpreter. The high tones of Scherbaum's trumpet rose impressively above the very harmonic play of his ensemble, similar to the stars that appear in the sky of a clear summer night.

I am grateful to Mr. Rolf Ziegler, Böblingen, for his translation into English.