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His famous silver trumpet:

The high B flat trumpet

(with exchangeable bell)
developed by Prof. Scherbaum and his son:

Special mouth piece

This unique mouth piece, developed by Prof. Scherbaum and his son, consists of the throat part, the bulb and the rim, thus providing the means to create combinations that suit individual musicians and their instruments in the best way. This is because they can choose the shape of the rim, its diameter, the shape of the bulb including its depth, as well as the caliber of the bore.
When selecting another instrument, musicians need no longer change to a new mouth piece, but merely employ another bulb. The rim, which is so important for the onset of the tone, and the throat with proper bore (important for sustaining the resonant air column) remain the same. Very little space is required by these bulbs compared with conventional mouth pieces.

Prof. Scherbaum was in the habit of letting his pupils practice with a relatively deep bulb, then letting them change to a more shallow one having the effect that they reached the high tones nearly effortlessly.