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Adolf Scherbaum tells you how he came to play the trumpet... [2.450 KB]
How Otto Klemperer asked Scherbaum to come to London in a hurry for the recording of the 2nd Brandenburg concerto of J.S. Bach [1.213 KB]
J.S. Bach, 2nd Brandenburg Concerto [5.189 KB] (with the North German Radio Sinfony Orchestra at Leningrad on 2 Mai, 1961)
The tape recording (of which the musicians ware not aware) was a gift from the Soviet Radio.
Verena Jacobsen Barth's comment on this recording: "...Scherbaums's playing is absolutely breathtaking. It is true that he mostly played very quietly, but when he got to the three high Gs in the 1st movement he turned up the volume so massively that you can't hear the other players at all, such was his supreme mastery of this high register."
J.S. Bach, 2nd Brandenburg Concerto, movements 1 & 3 [4.816 KB] (Rudolf Baumgartner and the Festival Strings Lucerne, 1959)
Michael Haydn, Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in D-major (portion of the first movement) [715 KB]
Joseph Haydn, Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in Es-major (3rd movement, cadenza by A. Goeyens) [1.067 KB]
Leopold Mozart, Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in D-major (end of 1st movement, cadenza) [1.015 KB]
Pavel Josef Veivanovsky, sonata per quattro ( recording on the occasion of Adolf Scherbaum's 75 birthday!) [3.724 KB]

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