Holidays in Scotland


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2. There are many theories what Nessie could be: looming, swimming deer or... (spell as one word)
4. What did the majority of the performers wear at Scotland's biggest music festival?
5. At what time is the gun at the castle fired off? (spell without spaces, but give the apostrophe its own square)
6. The biggest music festival in Scotland is called Edinburgh Military ...
7. What do the Scots have as well as the British, although they don't use them any more?
8. At home, nothing happened. Tessa's week was quite...
9. At the music festival they played ... music.
11. In the past the gun on top of the castle's roof was a help for sailors to know what time it is, but nowadays it's only a ...
12. Nessie lives in Loch ...
13. There are 8,600 ... per show.
14. Who gave the sword and the sceptre to the Scots?


1. Tessa thought Nessie was something like an extinct ...
3. When Anna was in Scotland she spent almost a whole day at ....
10. At the music festival soldiers play drums and ....