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Googly: What does it look like?

YouTube’s rich treasures also contain videos about the finer points of cricket – I should have thought of that when I wrote my entry about “googly” yesterday.

So here’s an instructive clip about how to bowl a googly:

And if you want to see what it looks like in a real match, have a look at this:

Abdul [...]

It Boyles Down to the Word “Talent”

So Britain has another ‘underdog’ to cheer on. Susan Boyle is a similarly unlikely ‘star’ as Paul Potts was when he sang his first song on the “Britain’s Got Talent” show, although she seems to be less shy and tries to overcome her insecurity with some awkward moves. But the powerful ‘ugly duckling turns into [...]

Aberystwyth University

For nostalgia’s sake – a videoclip about Aberystwyth and its university. There wasn’t any bungee jumping in my days there (Sept 1979 to April 1980), but apart from that, all the good things seem to have been kept.
If you don’t know yet where Aberystwyth is – have a look at this map. And don’t forget [...]

Queen Elizabeth II visits Google’s British HQ

Oh! it is a glorious thing, I ween,
to be a regular modern queen.

With this subtle allusion to a classic British piece of world literature, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Her Royal Highness deigned to visit the Headquarters of Google UK. And what did she do there, you may well ask? [...]

Just read: Alexander McCall Smith, “Portuguese Irregular Verbs”

Portuguese Irregular Verbs consists of humorous episodes in which Smith – a former professor of medical law – makes some good points about the vanity of some (or many?) members of academic circles.

This is quite an amusing book about Professor Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld and his two academic colleagues who are, at times, his rivals, and [...]

“Das letzte Geläut” (SZ)

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung von heute (Nr. 183, 7. August 2008) hat in ihrer Abteilung für leichte und mitunter skurrile Unterhaltung (“Panorama”) einen schönen Artikel über den (nicht so schönen) Niedergang englischer Pub-Kultur.
Schon die Schlagzeile gefällt mir sehr – ein gutes Beispiel für die Pun-Kultur der SZ, die seit einiger Zeit durchaus floriert:

Anspielung auf “Das letzte [...]

Drinking tea is good for you

Good news for all tea-o-phytes … or tea-lovers … or cuppanatics? – Whatever, the Telegraph reports that not only is Guinness good for you, but tea is, too (or even more so).
Have a look at this heart-warming report:
Drinking tea can reduce heart attack risk.
Which reminds me, I just got the brandnew volume 6 of Green [...]

Understatement – still alive and well

What an example of understatement. Sarah, a grammar school pupil, invited people to celebrate her 18th birthday with her – everybody who wore a fancy dress was admitted. And then one of the guests called the BBC and asked for an announcement that more guests were welcome. When approximately 1,000 gate crashers more or less [...]

In expectation of April Fool’s Day …

It will be 51 years ago this 1 April, when the BBC broadcast its legendary report on Spaghetti Harvest in Switzerland. Still a joy to watch:

The BBC’s ‘Spaghetti Harvest’ Spoof (report and video link at BBC site)

“Swiss Spaghetti Harvest 1957″ on YouTube

Thanks a lot for drawing my attention to this, Jane!

Accents of the British Isles

Comedian Seanie, master imitator of accents, offers two videos on his web site where he gives his audience a quick course on all (or most of) the accents of the British Isles, starting in his native Scotland, going south, east and west … Quite enjoyable.

Accents of the British Isles (~ 17 minutes)

dto, DELUXE edition (~ [...]