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Klaus Voormann

Siehe dazu:
Willi Winkler, “Der Kerl am Bass”, Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 18.07.2009.
Gefunden auf Gerd Battmers GBlog – via Kommentar in Thomas Raus Lehrerzimmer – vielen Dank beiden!

Twitter as Scarlet Pimpernel

The current Spectator contains the following article by Toby Young: “Status Anxiety: In Iran, Twitter has been a technological Scarlet Pimpernel”, which begins with an apology:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to Twitter. Like many of my colleagues, I unfairly characterised it as a vacuous expression of our narcissistic age. In [...]

Iran, Twitter, and how they are connected

Normally, I would have posted the following two items on Twitter, but since it is “down for maintenance”, I’ll put them on the blog here – I hope you don’t mind.
The first one is a TED talk, embedded below, about which the TED site says the following:

While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay [...]

Obama’s Speech in Cairo

President Obama’s Speech at Cairo University – a landmark in relations between the USA and Muslim countries worldwide.
Below is the official video from the White House, and here is the transcript.

See also:

Obama in Cairo: The making of a prophet? (Time Magazine, Mideast Blogs)
Addressing Muslim World, Obama Pushes Mideast Peace (New York Times)
Let’s be friends (The [...]

Helen Levitt, photographer of New York

Der Economist hat diese Woche einen Nachruf auf die Fotografin
Helen Levitt (1913-2009), die sich vor allem mit den Straßen New Yorks beschäftigt hat – vorwiegend in den ärmeren Vierteln. Ihr großes Vorbild war Henri Cartier-Bresson:

She had been inspired to use a 35mm Leica by Henri Cartier-Bresson, no less, after trailing him one day in 1935 [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen. Does this name still ring a bell with young people today? Most of them will have heard one of the cover versions of “Hallelujah”. But have they heard of and listened to “Suzanne” … this international anthem of dreamy and somehow romantically-minded teenagers? I wonder. Look here for “Suzanne” on YouTube.
The poetic quality [...]

Retake the oath? – Dust yourself off …

When the most powerful man on the planet takes office and by doing so becomes just that (most powerful), how could it not draw all sorts of commentary from all sides. I’ll restrict myself to what one can learn from the pages of the Language Log.
There is an interesting discussion on the flub Obama, or [...]

Happy Christmas

(1) Recommended:
Happy Christmas by Geoffrey Pullum.

NB: It’s “Happy Christmas” – maybe “merry” is getting a little dated? ;)

(2) “Christmas under fire (1940)” – well worth watching because this is what many people in Britain still remember when they think of “the Germans”:

[Another valuable find at the Open Culture blog.]

Great Expectations in Modern Times

Just two things (and one thing more) on the impressive success of Barack Obama:

An Economist article on the importance of being e…lected: Great expectations of Barack Obama.
A video on how Obama used the Internet to gather votes: Barack Obama and the Internet (see below).

Embedded video from CNN Video

One thing more: Wie wär’s mit einem kleinen [...]

Studs Terkel, recorder of America’s voices

Wie die Zeitungen (NYTimes, Guardian, ChicagoTribune) und andere Blogger (Herr Rau, Language Log) bereits schrieben, ist Studs Terkel am 31. Oktober gestorben. Der Economist hat in der aktuellen Ausgabe ebenfalls einen schönen Nachruf:
Studs Terkel, recorder of America’s voices.

Ein kurzer Ausschnitt:

Mr Terkel was a man on a mission. First, he meant to fix memories before they [...]