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Miracle Workers by TAYLOR MALI

Taylor Mali has made another poem about his (and our) profession: Miracle Workers is about our daily bread, as it were. The final lines give a good impression of the general tone of the poem: “Education’s the miracle, I’m just the worker./But I’m a teacher, /And that’s what we do.” This is a lot less [...]

Chuckle of the day

Liked that:

No one doubts that Mr Obama can walk on water. (Washington was frozen over this week.)

Found it there:
Barack Obama’s start | High hopes, horrendous workload | The Economist

P.S.: Record-breaking: Took more time choosing the categories than writing the post ;)

Rebecca Carrington – Cellist, singer, impressionist and comedian

If you haven’t heard of Rebecca Carrington – Cellist, singer, impressionist and comedian – well, have a look:

40 Inspirational Film Speeches in 2 Minutes

Are you feeling tired, exhausted, unable to cope with the demands of a harsh reality? Shrug it off, and get an energy boost through forty inspirational film speeches in two minutes ;)

via Open Culture – thank you!


The “News on the Rialto” blog, dedicated to all things Shakespearean, has drawn my attention to the BardBox.
BardBox is “an attempt to bring together some of the best and most interesting of original Shakespeare-related videos on YouTube”.
Among other things, there is a page where you can look for videos connected with a particular play, and [...]

The Presidential Candidates at the Al Smith Dinner

Nur ein kurzer Hinweis auf diese zwei fantastischen YouTube-Clips, die John McCain und Barack Obama beim Vortrag einer teils witzig-ironischen, teils rührend-ernsthaften After-Dinner-Speech zeigen. Das Ganze fand statt am 16. Okt. 2008, also vorgestern, und zwar zugunsten der Stiftung von Alfred E. Smith, die sich um Arme, Kranke und sonstwie Benachteiligte in der Erzdiözese New [...]

Just read: Alexander McCall Smith, “Portuguese Irregular Verbs”

Portuguese Irregular Verbs consists of humorous episodes in which Smith – a former professor of medical law – makes some good points about the vanity of some (or many?) members of academic circles.

This is quite an amusing book about Professor Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld and his two academic colleagues who are, at times, his rivals, and [...]

Thank you, William the Conqueror!

Wikipedia tells us the following (among other things) on what teachers and pupils in Bavaria are about to begin (s.v. Holiday):



Holiday is a contraction of holy and day, holidays originally represented special religious days. This word has evolved in general usage to mean any special day of rest (as opposed to regular days of rest [...]

George Carlin’s Life and Comedy

If a newspaper like The New York Times devotes three different articles to the life and death of one person in the same edition of the paper, it has to be somebody important.

George Carlin, who died last Sunday, was one of the most famous U.S. comedians. In his obituary, Jerry Seinfeld writes about him:

You could [...]

Teaching methods

Die Comedy-Serie “Not! The Nine O’Clock News” lief zum ersten Mal im April 1979, und nach einigen Änderungen bei der Besetzung blieb man bei diesen vier Protagonisten: Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones und Pamela Stephenson. Ähnlich kreativ und witzig wie “Monty Python”, aber weniger aggressiv, wurde die Reihe bald so populär, dass man [...]