Nice spam

Normalerweise sind Spam-Einträge in Kommentaren ja langweilig – entweder es wird für Glücksspiel oder für textilfreie Bilder geworben, oder (besonders hartnäckig) für einen Adressenhändler, dessen Einträge locker die Länge von drei Casino-Werbungen erreichen.

Ab und zu bekommt man aber auch schmeichelhafte Einträge. Ein Teil davon wiederum zeichnet sich durch zerbrochene Syntax und seltsame Wortwahl aus. Ein [...]

Testing podcasts

Since the “practical” phase of my “p-seminar” is to start soon, I’m experimenting with the art of making a podcast.
Could somebody be so kind as to have a look (and a listen) at (to) the 1:57 long opus which I’ve deposited on three different podcast hosters, pretty please?

Here: deckerpod: P-Seminar

And please be very direct in [...]

Queen Elizabeth II visits Google’s British HQ

Oh! it is a glorious thing, I ween,
to be a regular modern queen.

With this subtle allusion to a classic British piece of world literature, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Her Royal Highness deigned to visit the Headquarters of Google UK. And what did she do there, you may well ask? [...]

All-Time Favorite Political Ads

Slate V – Damned Spot: All-Time Favorite Political Ads
Slate’s John Dickerson opens the vault of the Museum of the Moving Image to pick his top five political ads of all time.

Guinness is good for you

The Health section of the BBC web site features a report (13 November 2003) on positive health effects of Guinness: Guinness good for you – official.
Research carried out at the University of Wisconsin seems to show that a pint of Guinness a day may work “to prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart [...]