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Testing podcasts

Since the “practical” phase of my “p-seminar” is to start soon, I’m experimenting with the art of making a podcast.
Could somebody be so kind as to have a look (and a listen) at (to) the 1:57 long opus which I’ve deposited on three different podcast hosters, pretty please?

Here: deckerpod: P-Seminar

And please be very direct in [...]

Richard Powers’ declarative phrases

Once again, the wonderful Language Log gives its readers something to think about. In this case, Mark Liberman, Trustee Professor of Phonetics at the University of Pennsylvania, analyses Kurt Andersen’s interview with novelist Richard Powers: “Richard Powers on his way to a decision”.
The whole interview (9 mins.) can be listened to here, thanks to Studio [...]

Poetry Archive (!)

A wholehearted recommendation for various reasons: Poetry Archive.

This wonderful website contains recordings of around one hundred contemporary poets reading their poetry. There usually are a handful of poems for each poet, so there must be ca. 500 poems at the Poetry Archive. You get a streamed recording and can also read along while listening. The [...]