Taylor Mali: Undivided Attention

This is the third poem (+video) by Taylor Mali that I’m writing about on this blog, and I’ll start by saying why I’m including it here. Mali uses a fascinating metaphor for teaching: “Let me teach like a Steinway …” – and I won’t give you the complete text because I’d like you to find [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen. Does this name still ring a bell with young people today? Most of them will have heard one of the cover versions of “Hallelujah”. But have they heard of and listened to “Suzanne” … this international anthem of dreamy and somehow romantically-minded teenagers? I wonder. Look here for “Suzanne” on YouTube.
The poetic quality [...]

Miracle Workers by TAYLOR MALI

Taylor Mali has made another poem about his (and our) profession: Miracle Workers is about our daily bread, as it were. The final lines give a good impression of the general tone of the poem: “Education’s the miracle, I’m just the worker./But I’m a teacher, /And that’s what we do.” This is a lot less [...]

Stopping by town walls on a snowy morning1

Diese malerische Strecke ist Teil meines täglichen Schulwegs. Vergangene Woche habe ich kurz mein Fahrrad angehalten und dieses Foto gemacht. Die wunderbar verschneite Szenerie gibt mir – auch wenn man relativ schnell vorbeisaust – zusätzlich positive Stimmung für den Tag.
1Der Titel ist eine Anspielung auf eines der berühmtesten Gedichte von Robert Frost: “Stopping by Woods [...]