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10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List. – Really?

The NYTimes has an article on its ‘Science’ pages today that refers to something we in Bavaria (if in any way connected to school) are thinking about at the moment: vacations. To be more precise, it is about ten things we needn’t worry about when on vacation: 10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List, [...]

Multitasking isn’t good for you

“Distraction” is the great keyword of this article at TimesOnline: Stoooopid …. why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks. As author Bryan Appleyard puts it in his subtitle: “The digital age is destroying us by ruining our ability to concentrate.”

To the regular readers of Jochen’s Blog, this rings a bell: Jochen created [...]

Test obscenity and its rewards

The fabulous Language Log has quite an amusing (and informative) posting today: Test obscenity, taboo avoidance, and prescriptivism. It is about how two websites, Times online and Associated Press, manage to avoid actually printing the obscenity which pupils wrote on the GCSE exam papers, and not so much about the fact that these pupils in [...]

Befragung bloggender Lehrer at JochenEnglish

Bitte bei Jochen Lüders weiterlesen:
Befragung bloggender Lehrer at JochenEnglish. Danke.

Englische Schullektüre

Nicht nur in Lehrerzimmern, sondern auch in der Anglisten-Mailingliste “enpaed” taucht immer wieder die Frage auf: “Kannst du mir einen Text als Klassenlektüre empfehlen für … – mit dem Thema …?”
Den Suchenden steht seit kurzem ein Blog zur Verfügung, in dem genau solche Fragen beantwortet werden – und in dem zahlreiche Antworten bereits vorliegen, durch [...]

The Mother of all Languages?

Wolfgang Butzkamm contributes this article to Jürgen Kurtz’ Blog “Foreign Language Education in the 21st Century”:

For Learners, the Mother Tongue is the Mother of all Languages

After a row of telling anecdotes and analysing the consequences for the language classroom, Butzkamm refers to a colleague:

Robert L. Allen once wrote: “I discovered that even though dragging [...]

LTE – LTE blog

“LTE” stands for “Learning and Teaching Efficiently”. Sounds interesting. There is also a blog at the LTE site – however, there isn’t much to look at yet. Let’s hope for some contributions worth replying to ;-)
LTE – LTE blog

In praise of machine translation

The “Language Log” displays a wonderful photograph of a Chinese and English sign which attempts to show people the way to the dining-hall. See for yourselves:
Language Log » Honest but unhelpful