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Poetry Archive (!)

A wholehearted recommendation for various reasons: Poetry Archive.

This wonderful website contains recordings of around one hundred contemporary poets reading their poetry. There usually are a handful of poems for each poet, so there must be ca. 500 poems at the Poetry Archive. You get a streamed recording and can also read along while listening. The [...]

Giant Balls of Feathers

Geoffrey Pullum (at the Language Log) is angry about some journalists’ tendency to make things up if it’s got to do with linguistics. In particular, he mentions a text from the Economist on the occasion of Miriam Makeba’s death. What “Epiglottal clicks and giant balls of feathers” have in common or why they are wrong [...]

John Updike on Obama

In a conversation with NYT Book Review editor Sam Tanenhaus, John Updike uses an intriguing neologism to describe Obama’s social skills. Updike thinks that the president-elect displays a certain “reaching-outness” (approx. 3:50 in the following video). – How would you spell it, with or without the hyphen? Or put another hyphen in front of “ness”?

The [...]

Great Expectations in Modern Times

Just two things (and one thing more) on the impressive success of Barack Obama:

An Economist article on the importance of being e…lected: Great expectations of Barack Obama.
A video on how Obama used the Internet to gather votes: Barack Obama and the Internet (see below).

Embedded video from CNN Video

One thing more: Wie wär’s mit einem kleinen [...]

a cup …

… and a game.
Ich bin bei solchen angeblich so menschenfreundlichen Internetspielen immer etwas skeptisch. Aber dieses hier scheint mir erstens gut gemacht und zweitens habe ich Spaß daran gefunden, mein geographisches Wissen zu testen.
Gefunden bei Jochen Lüders, der vermutlich gleich nach der ersten Runde sein Ergebnis festhielt. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich die erste Runde [...]

Studs Terkel, recorder of America’s voices

Wie die Zeitungen (NYTimes, Guardian, ChicagoTribune) und andere Blogger (Herr Rau, Language Log) bereits schrieben, ist Studs Terkel am 31. Oktober gestorben. Der Economist hat in der aktuellen Ausgabe ebenfalls einen schönen Nachruf:
Studs Terkel, recorder of America’s voices.

Ein kurzer Ausschnitt:

Mr Terkel was a man on a mission. First, he meant to fix memories before they [...]


The “News on the Rialto” blog, dedicated to all things Shakespearean, has drawn my attention to the BardBox.
BardBox is “an attempt to bring together some of the best and most interesting of original Shakespeare-related videos on YouTube”.
Among other things, there is a page where you can look for videos connected with a particular play, and [...]