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Twitter as Scarlet Pimpernel

The current Spectator contains the following article by Toby Young: “Status Anxiety: In Iran, Twitter has been a technological Scarlet Pimpernel”, which begins with an apology:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to Twitter. Like many of my colleagues, I unfairly characterised it as a vacuous expression of our narcissistic age. In [...]

Iran, Twitter, and how they are connected

Normally, I would have posted the following two items on Twitter, but since it is “down for maintenance”, I’ll put them on the blog here – I hope you don’t mind.
The first one is a TED talk, embedded below, about which the TED site says the following:

While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay [...]

Salinger Update

If you missed my previous blog post, “Reclusive celebrities – and books shut away”, then you should have a look at it. Perhaps.

Now there is more background information speculation on J. D. Salinger’s life as a recluse – in a really well-written article by Ron Rosenbaum at the Slate site: “Save the Salinger Archives! Even [...]

Reclusive celebrities – and books shut away

January Magazine draws our attention to Time Magazine’s “Top Ten List of Reclusive Celebrities”. They’re not all authors, but half of them are, number one (of course) J. D. Salinger. He stopped giving interviews in 1980, and it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever say anything in public again – “to the creator of Holden Caulfield, we [...]

Obama’s Speech in Cairo

President Obama’s Speech at Cairo University – a landmark in relations between the USA and Muslim countries worldwide.
Below is the official video from the White House, and here is the transcript.

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