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40 Inspirational Film Speeches in 2 Minutes

Are you feeling tired, exhausted, unable to cope with the demands of a harsh reality? Shrug it off, and get an energy boost through forty inspirational film speeches in two minutes ;)

via Open Culture – thank you!

4 comments to 40 Inspirational Film Speeches in 2 Minutes

  • I noticed that none of them told me to get off my couch.

  • rip

    I bow to your powers of observation (1) ;)
    But of course you’re right: There’s no need to get off your couch in order to feel a boost of self-confidence and a wave of energy. On the contrary. Sometimes you even need a couch to thoroughly enjoy those.
    (1) hint: allusion to Graham Greene’s short story “The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen”; of course not to be taken too seriously.

  • Die meisten dieser Reden handeln vom Kampf um Freiheit. (*hint*)

  • rip

    Ja, Freiheit ist was Schönes. Das bestreitet auch niemand, glaube ich. :)