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Salinger Update

If you missed my previous blog post, “Reclusive celebrities – and books shut away”, then you should have a look at it. Perhaps.

Now there is more background information speculation on J. D. Salinger’s life as a recluse – in a really well-written article by Ron Rosenbaum at the Slate site: “Save the Salinger Archives! Even if we have to save them from Salinger himself.”

You should read all of it, actually, but here is a little appetizer:

Perhaps he’s writing not for publication but for God, which would mean there’d be no need to preserve any material traces of his work. For all we know, he’s planning on destroying it—or has already.
But what if there were real stuff up there? Real Salinger-esque stuff. (Wouldn’t it be a brilliant jest on us all, for example, if Salinger himself had actually written the Holden Caulfield sequel 60 years later, hired this (apparently) Swedish guy to impersonate the pseudonymous author, then sued himself to insure no one would guess the real author? It reminds me of radio talker John Calvin Batchelor’s brilliant stunt: a mock-scholarly speculative essay published in the mid-’70s considering whether Salinger was Thomas Pynchon, who would then have been not a recluse but a pseudonym.)
If there is real manuscript stuff there—and I’m inclined to believe that there is, that he made a decision that he didn’t need to publish what he wrote while he was alive—I want to know what will happen to it after his death. As far as we know, no decision has been made.

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The Onion (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) has something to say about him, too:

“New Terminator Movie Brings Salinger Out of Hiding”

Thanks to mightyredpen for drawing my attention to this.

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