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Taylor Mali: Undivided Attention

This is the third poem (+video) by Taylor Mali that I’m writing about on this blog, and I’ll start by saying why I’m including it here. Mali uses a fascinating metaphor for teaching: “Let me teach like a Steinway …” – and I won’t give you the complete text because I’d like you to find out for yourself why this (in its full form) is a really good image to express what would make our lessons really memorable (see full text at Taylor Mali’s web site).

Oh, and if you aren’t at all interested in the interview at the beginning of the video – the poem starts at 5.33. It would be a shame, though ;-)

UPDATE (21 Feb. 2010)
Unfortunately, the original clip is no longer available. So here’s another version – just the poem, no interview.


These are the other two Mali poems on Tulgeywood:
- What teachers make
- Miracle workers

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