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Ouch – was that a push-back?

It is what it is.
Ron Rosenbaum writes a very entertaining article on “The Catchphrase of the Decade”.

Maybe it’s not all superfluous to quote a definition of “catchphrase” (courtesy of Longman’s DCE online):

a short well-known phrase made popular by an entertainer or politician, so that people think of that person when they hear it

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading the whole article, and at the end of the day you’ll thank me for mentioning it. Having said that, there’s no guarantee on it, mind.

1 comment to Ouch – was that a push-back?

  • rip

    Update: In the meaning that Rosenbaum uses “catchphrase”, it doesn’t necessarily remind people of a certain person who coined that expression or made it popular. His examples are mostly just commonly (over-)used phrases or expressions. Sorry for being a little careless with my definition in this posting.