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To Blog or Not To Blog – not their dilemma informs us about a study by Pew which claims: “Teens Just Don’t Blog or Tweet”.

A new study published today by Pew Internet finds that teens and young adults are blogging less and using social networking sites more, with the prominent exception of Twitter.
Pew’s Report surveyed 2,253 American adults and 800 U.S. teens to get a reading of how they use the Internet, which gadgets they own, and which social media tools they use the most.
Some of the data will surprise you.

The fact that young people don’t blog doesn’t come as a big surprise, really, seeing how my students drag their feet about contributing to the blogs I’ve set up (here for my Leistungskurs Englisch and here for my Grundkurs Deutsch). It’s just nice to see that it’s a universal phenomenon.

Thanks to @annehodg for mentioning the mashable link! – See also her blog entry “Why Do You Write? Why Don’t You Write?”

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