Scenes from school life

I made a little video – pretty quickly, in fact, by just uploading photos from my computer. Finding (and taking) those photos had taken a little longer. The pictures come from flickr mainly, with a Creative Commons licence, some were taken by myself.
Picture credits:
Judy Baxter (2005), Sascha Jäggi (2008), Brian Yap (2006), Russell Neches (2006), Michael Surran (2001), Paul Reynolds (2008), Michael Oh (2008), Yannic Meyer (2007), Kevin Lim (2007), Poramaporn Niramon (2004), Schröder+Schömbs PR _ Brands | Media | Lifestyle (2006), Star for Life (2009), Susan NYC (2005), Rex Pe (2006), philippe leroyer (2007), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2010), usm photos (2008), David Schroeter (2005), Ken Colwell (2006). Thanks very much!

The movie was put together on (and is hosted at) PhotoPeach. If you keep a limit of 30 pictures (as I did), this service is free. I used prints of these photographs for the introduction to a teacher training workshop that I did together with a colleague this week.

Education – scenes from school situations

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