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Back from the U.S….A.

Evacuation Route sign in Florida - no, we did not have to use it ...In a variation of an old “Beatles” song, we’ve not come back from the late U.S.S.R., but from the U.S.A. We’re glad we had this opportunity to go and spend actually four weeks over there, starting in New York, and then moving down south, keeping more or less to the east coast – Philadelphia (with the rottenest and most ludicrously overcharged hotelroom we came across during our whole stay) – Washington D.C. (marvellous museums, and free, too) – Bird-in-Hand (Amish country, yes, we saw some horse-drawn buggies) – Jamestown (cleverly arranged mini-tours through various rebuilt old houses, providing insights into the life and times of the 17th century settlers) – Sherwood Forest (a quick look at one of the old plantations) – Charleston (had seafood nr. Market Street, saw the Harry Potter movie at the IMAX movie theater) – Atlanta (interesting guided tour of CNN headquarters, refreshing stop at Olympic Centennial Fountain) – Kennedy Space Center (great; very good tours, give an impression of the look and feel of the launch of a spaceship) – Estero, just south of Fort Myers, Florida (beautiful beaches, very relaxing). Oh, yes – New York wasn’t bad either. We saw a very professional remake of the musical “A Chorus Line” on Broadway, went round Manhattan on the Circle Line, and didn’t see half of what we had actually planned to see … because, a) there wasn’t enough time in three days, and, b) it was too hot (temperatures “in the high nineties”, as the presenters of the weather forecasts continued to call it – which is approximately 38 degrees Celsius).
Should there be a demand for scenic photographs, I can put a few pix up somewhere. But for the time being, have a look at this haphazard collection of signs and posters I placed in my flickr account. Enjoy.

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