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Short Stories – The Whys and Wherefores

On her intriguing blog “never enough homework”, Mrs. H. recently posted a find in the web magazine Slate where author Robert Pinsky undertakes the task of answering sundry questions that people have about poems (“Why don’t modern poems rhyme etc.”). In that same post, Mrs. H. hinted at having a couple of questions on short stories that nobody had ever answered before. Feeling encouraged by how Robert Pinsky went about his task of answering questions on poems, I boldly claimed to be able to answer all these short story questions that Mrs. H. might have – in the same manner (i.e., not too seriously, but not too frivolously either).
So, if you’ve ever wondered about the quality (or content) of a short story, or if you’re just plain curious: go and read this post over at “never enough homework” :-) Please.

Thanks to Jochen Lüders for drawing my attention to the fact that it was, not Typo corrected above.

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